Westchase combines it commercial and residential developments in its modern community located in Houston, Texas. The Westchase District is a busy and thriving community in which businesses continue to expand and modern neighborhoods offer affordable, secure, and contemporary homes for residents. Students are provided a choice of both quality public and private schools while recreational spaces include distinctive trails along its parks for an active lifestyle. Learn why the Westchase District is a favorable and strong community.


The urban growth in the region is most impressive and is partly owed to its coverage of the Special District in 1995. Funded by local tax legislation, it incorporates tax and marketing efforts concerning businesses along its boundaries.

Large companies including Phillips 66 and The Men’s Wearhouse have headquarters located in the region. Chevron, PetroChina, and Compuware are among the companies positioned in the Westchase area. The region’s markets have grown exponentially over the last few years supported by the development of modern hotels including its one-of-a-kind Japanese markets.


Westchase offers both private and public schools along with a community college. The region has seen the opening of the West Houston Institute in 2017 with special focus on STEM learning. Much of the schooling district in Westchase is zoned to the Alief Independent School District.

Public Schools

Each area within the district is zoned for specific neighborhoods. There are many public schools in Westchase each offering a quality education, sporting facilities, and student participation in many exciting programs.

Private Schools

From pre-school and kindergarten to private schools, you will find a range of educational facilities in Westchase for every age group. Many of the schools are guided by Methodist and Christian practices and include leading educators, programs, and modern amenities for each.


Along the Westchase District, you will find a variety of splendid trails. This includes access to extended bicycle and jogging trails that are beautifully maintained. The Tracey Gee Community was opened in 1993 offering students a community center for sports and participation in structured programs. There is also a Chinese Culture Center and Jewish congregation in the region.

Investing in Westchase

From its modern city developments and commercial investments to its thriving diverse communities. Westchase has something to offer everyone. It is the up-and-coming community for economic stability and residential expansions, offering its students a range of impressive public and private schools to choose from.

If you are looking for a destination in Houston offering incredible educational opportunities with a rich cultural diversity, then Westchase is the perfect district for you.

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